6.3 Loading the MyAlps Library

According to whether or not the compiler directive DontNeedLibraryMyAlps is set, we import an appropriate variant of the library. The variant depends on whether the assertion DEBUG is set.

ToDo 4 At the moment we only support the DEBUG and GMP version as an option. Only the additional library postfixes d (for debug) and -gmp are supported as a library variant, see Section 5.2.
37loading the library 37  (33)
#if DontNeedLibraryMyAlps
-- Library is not needed, so don’t load it

-- Selection of the appropriate portable object library
#if GMP
#library LibraryMyAlps "myalps-gmp"
#elseif DEBUG
#library LibraryMyAlps "myalpsd"
#library LibraryMyAlps "myalps"

import from LibraryMyAlps;
inline from LibraryMyAlps;


DontNeedLibraryMyAlps, used in chunks 38, 47, 53, and 82.