3 Overview of the MyAlps Files

 3.1 The include Subdirectory
 3.2 The src Subdirectory
 3.3 The test Subdirectory

This section is intended to describe all files that belong to the MyAlps library project. Files that are not mentioned in this section and not tagged via the LATEX command sourcefile will not appear in the documentation. For each file a short summary should be given

First of all, the file myalps.tex.nw which you are currently reading is a MyAlps file. It provides the overall documentation of MyAlps and should not be confused with the generated file myalps.tex (without extension .nw) which is given through the following code chunk. This generated file serves as the root of the project documentation.
Convention 1 The date that appears on the title page is either taken as the current date (today) or included from the generated file project.def.tex.
13* 13  17a
\author{Ralf Hemmecke}
    {\Large \xAldor{} Literate Programming Support Environment}}}%
  {\title{\xProject{} \LIBRARYVERSION}}
    {%Abstract for ALLPROSE
      \xALLPROSE{} is an \emph{Aldor Literate Programming Support
      It is a framework for building \xAldor{} libraries and their
      It consists of a set of \useterm[Makefiles]{Makefile} and
      scripts for the building process and it comes with a little
      sample project \xProject{} that demonstrates how to use the
      \xALLPROSE{} environment. }%
    {%Abstract for MyAlps
      \xProject{} is a small \xAldor{} project that is distributed
      together with \xALLPROSE{}.
      It is a collection of \xAldor{} source code files that will be
      turned into an \xAldor{} library by \xALLPROSE{}.
      \xProject{} mainly demonstrates how a project written in
      \xALLPROSE{} should look like.}

Uses projectname 23.
Since myalps.sty.nw will be included at the end of allprose.sty.nw, it provides additional styles to the styles defined in allprose.sty.nw.
All references appear in that file.
The project MyAlps is built on the ALLPROSE framework. So there is an interface Makefile.def.nw between MyAlps and ALLPROSE.

The Aldor source files reside under the directory src. The source code for the testsuite resides under test. The general include files are in directory include.

At the moment the MyAlps sample project contains only a few files that demonstrate how the .as files of a new library should look like. They all live in a myalps subdirectory.